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Board & Train

Board and Train Denver and Lakewood

At The Bark Club we believe that dog training is about the bond you have with your dog. Relationship based dog training is a method of dog training that uses the cooperative relationship between trainer and the animal to achieve results while enhancing and strengthening the bond they have. When you have a trusting and cooperative relationship with your dog, he/she will want to spend time with you, and work with you. We believe that every interaction a dog has is a learning experience and we use daily routines and behaviors to help your dog learn in addition to structured training sessions.

What this means is every time we interact with your pet they are learning. We often find that people have this misconception that it takes a lot of time to have a well-trained dog when it only takes minutes a day. Right now, you are probably asking yourself how can that be? Having a dog that integrates into a human centered world that is well mannered and well socialized is a lifestyle not a single training session. What that means is we will integrate training into our daily life. When your dog wants to go outside, they will need to give something in return. Offering a sit will unlock the reward of going outside. When it is time to eat dinner good manners, a nice leave-it or a solid wait will unlock the reward of dinner. It is that simple!

Board and Train is a significant investment of time and money. While your dog is with us, we will integrate training into their daily routine as well as structured training sessions.

We Offer Two Board and Train Options

Two Week Board and Train

Owner Involved (Click here to learn more):
Two Week Owner Involved Board & Train
Obedience-Great for all ages
Starting at $2500


June 2024

Drop Off Day (Week One) Monday 06/03 Friday Pick Up

Drop Off Day (Week Two) Monday 06/10 Friday Pick Up

One Week Board and Train

Full Immersion (Click here to learn more):
One or Two Week Full Immersion Board & Train
Obedience-Great for all ages
Starting at $1800
June 2024

Two-week Program: $3000 Drop Off Monday 06/03 Pick Up Friday 06/14 

One Week Program: $1800 Option 1 Drop Off Monday 06/03 Pick Up Saturday 06/08 

Option 2 Drop Off Saturday 6/8 Pick Up Friday 06/14 

Board and Train at The Bark Club Colorado

What is Included with Every Program (Click here to learn more): 
Services provided after your program is complete 

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