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Owner Involved Board & Train

About the program: This two-week program is structured with the dog and owner in mind. Although not your typical board and train it allows the owner to be a part of the training midway through their program. Your dog will receive five days of training, with the owner dropping off on Monday and picking up Friday. Friday afternoon you will have a private session with your trainer and your dog and take your pup home to reinforce and practice what they have learned. Your pup will return on Monday for another five days of training. This weekend at home allows you to bring concerns or questions to your trainer so that the training meets your needs as a family.

What’s Included with your Program:

All day training during every interaction with your pup

Multiple structured training sessions per day. Unlike other programs your not is worked with throughout the entire day not just once and then kenneled! 

One-Two Hour of structured group play (approved dogs) in the morning and in the afternoon

Four Train and Play classes during their stay where they get the opportunity to work with a few of our other trainers on staff (Small group classes twice a week)

Enrichment play sessions throughout the week just for a little bit of added fun!

Regular report card with pictures to communicate what your dog has learned and their progress.

Pre-Training Consultation

Two Drop Off Day Consultation (one on first day and one on return day)

Mid-Program one on one with trainer (upon pick up midway through program)

Final One on one with the trainer upon last day of program

Bath prior to your dog returning home (two in total)

What we will work on during your dog’s board and train program:

At The Bark Club we realize that every dog is different. During our initial consultation we will discuss the needs you have for your pup to develop a personalized training plan. The program covers basic to advanced obedience and is not a good fit for aggression or severe behavior modification.


Training topics that will be addressed during their program

House Training/Potty Training

Puppy Biting/Mouthing



Crate Training

Come When Called

Place Command

Pulling on the Leash

Jumping on people


Bolting/Wait at the Door

Heeling on leash

Down/Stay Place Command

Sit/Stay (close and at a distance)

Nuisance Barking/Whining

Greeting a friendly stranger

Cooperative body handling (grooming)

Propper Play

Online Classroom access so you can begin to familiarize yourself with the homework for when they return home

Additional Options:

Holiday Overlap: All programs that take place over peak holiday times will be an additional $25 a night for peak nights.  

Weekend Overlap: Clients that choose to have their five-day training sessions over the weekend versus Monday-Friday will have an additional $200 fee assessed.

What's Included AFTER your Program:

Your training program doesn't just end when you pick up your pup! 

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