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Red Light Therapy
LED Light Therapy
Class 1 Laser 

Red light therapy is the practice of shining therapeutic red and near infrared (NIR) light on animals to improve their health and wellness. Red light therapy is noninvasive, chemical-free, and safe for pets with very few known risks of side effects. red light therapy works for pets by helping animals make energy and regenerate tissues more efficiently at the cellular level. Mammals of all sizes need to take in food, water, oxygen, and light to produce energy and power their bodies.

Treatments & Benefits from  Cold Laser Therapy Treatments?


Like cold laser therapy, there are many conditions and symptoms that red light therapy can help with, including:

Mild-Chronic arthritis

Skin/Coat Care

Minor Wound Healing

Reduce Mild Inflammation 

Reduce Edema (Swelling caused by too much fluid trapped in body tissue)

Dogs/Puppies in need of pain management

Older pets that are unable to be medicated due to decreased organ function

Strains & Sprains 

Pre & Post Surgery Recovery

Healing from tendon & Ligament Injuries 

More Benefits: 

Treats a larger area then the cold laser

Effective for pet injuries and wounds because it stimulates an animal’s body to produce more of the key building blocks of healing 

Forms new skin cells

Reduce Pain

Positive affects on a pets immune response

Increases blood perfusion

Red Light Therapy Versus Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy (Low level lasers): Uses wavelengths that the human eye cannot see. This allows for better penetration through skin, and hair to stimulate healing in deeper tissues.

Treats a smaller area or pinpoint target

Red Light: Uses wavelengths that are in the visible light spectrum. Treats a larger area then Cold Laser Therapy. 

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