Doggy Daycare

Steps to Attending Doggy Daycare at The Bark Club

1. Register online by clicking NEW CLIENT

You will need to upload vaccines at this time

We require

Bordetella-Distemper-Rabies-Canine Influenza-Negative Fecal Test

What if I am missing a vaccine or my fecal?

2. Sign your liability agreement 

3. Set up your Meet & Greet

You can do this by waiting for the meet & greet availability email or calling the office

4. Attend your Meet & Greet

Meet & Greets are required and cannot be skipped



5. After you successfully pass the Meet & Greet you can create reservations to fit your schedule. 


Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Forget locking your dog up in a crate for long hours or leaving her home alone while you work all day. Doggy Daycare offers a multitude of benefits that make life easier for you while providing your fur baby with a safe and stimulating environment. 


Relieve separation anxiety 

Implements a routine

Exercise and Mental stimulation 

Dogs enjoy a change of scenery

Lot's of attention and bathroom breaks