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Train and Play

Moving Beyond Traditional Doggy Daycare

Tuesday's & Friday's
Tuesday & Thursda


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Exercise your dogs mind as well as their body! Your dog won't just come home tired he'll come home better behaved with this program. Small playgroups supervised by our Bark Club trainers where we combine training, socialization and exercise all into one.

Play and Train is great for any dog, including those who are not a good fit for traditional daycare. Our trainers will practice obedience, manners and more to maintain your dog's training while they are at The Bark Club. A perfect fit for the owner who has a hectic schedule or just wants a little help with their dog's training.

Structured (Small) Play Groups with Obedience Incorporated

Exposure and Confidence Building Exercises

Place/Crate Time to Teach Calmness 

One on One Training Lessons During Place/Crate Time

Crate and Doorway Manners

Enrichment Sessions Included

Impulse Control 

Training Games

Leash Manners Work 

Half Day Training Program with Full Day Daycare

Structured Small Group Training 6:30am-11:30am

Structured Rest and Relaxation Time 11:30am-2pm

Structured Group or Individual Play Time 2pm -7pm 

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