Dog-to-Dog Leash Greeting

2 night workshop $50

This Two night workshop will focus on walking with your dog on leash around other dogs and leash to leash introductions. 

Night One - Walking your dog around other dogs in a calm enjoyable manner. Not all dogs need to be greeted by your dog. Having control over the behavior your dog displays on leash is the owners responsibility. We will give you the tools needed to have safe, enjoyable walks with your dog when other dogs are around. 

Night Two- How to safely introduce your dog to other dogs on leash. Introducing dogs while they are on their leashes can be a potential disaster.  Not even getting into the discussion of leash aggression, dogs that are well socialized and friendly can react differently when faced with the special limitations and added frustration that leashes sometimes provide, especially when greeting another dog. We will give you the tools to have safe on leash introductions. (Remember not every dog is safe to approach) 


THIS CLASS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR ANY DOG WITH LEASH AGGRESSION - If your dog displays any leash aggression please contact Renee for NON-DOG watching spots only. 

March 2nd & 9th