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The Importance Of Leash Etiquette

2 Night Workshop

We’ve all seen the dog walking its owner down street. From the smallest Poodle to the Great Dane, some dogs just don’t really get the concept of a leisurely stroll. Some dogs are "overly spirited" to see other dogs while walking, ignoring their owners pleas for control. Can you stop to talk to a neighbor without your dog jumping up on them to say hello? Or how about get out the door without being pulled down the street in excitement for their anticipated adventure? 

This Two night workshop will give you the tools needed to stop being embarrassed by your dogs manners (or lack there of) and start enjoying your time out together. 

Night One - Having calm and enjoyable walks starts in your home. Learn how to gain focus on you as well as calmness during leashing and unleashing your dog. Gain the tool necessary to leave your front door in a calm and collected manner instead of your dog pulling you out the door and down the porch.

Night Two- Walking your dog around other dogs in a calm enjoyable manner. Not all dogs need to be greeted by your dog. Having control over the behavior your dog displays on leash is the owners responsibility. We will give you the tools needed to have safe, enjoyable walks with your dog when other dogs are around.

 (Remember not every dog is safe to approach) 


THIS CLASS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR ANY DOG WITH LEASH AGGRESSION - If your dog displays any leash aggression please contact Renee for NON-DOG watching spots only. 

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