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Canine Therapeutic Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Gua Sha

If you have ever had a massage you can attest to its healing, calming benefits. It goes beyond just relaxing sore muscles, too. Canine massage improves blood flow and oxygenation, heal sprains and strains, reduce pain, improves muscle tone, encourages movement and ease anxiety and stress in your dog. Massage can even strengthens the immune system, aids digestion, aids in the removal of toxins, and decreases blood pressure. As a bonus, most dogs seem to like it. 

Who can benefit from a massage?

Older dogs with achy joints (such as arthritis) the results in decreased mobility and flexibility. 

Helps anxious dogs learn to relax, build confidence and teach them to trust human touch

Helps dogs recovering from injury or surgery by speeding up the rehabilitation process, aid in preventing re-injury, and decrease pain and discomfort

Active dogs who participate in sports, hiking obedience classes and more. It will help improve muscle tone, lengthen the dogs stride, increase range of motion, allow for fluid movement and reduce sports-related injuries. 

Massage therapist touch will help improve the quality of life for elderly dogs.

A puppy or young dog will benefit in massage by learning to relax and accept human touch and body handling. Eases pain from growth, warms muscles up before play or strenuous activity and helps with post exercise stiffness and pain.

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