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Introduction to Loose Leash Walking

2 Night Workshop

Does your dog pull during walks? Does your dog lack proper leash manners when there are distractions such as people, dogs and rabbits?  Have you been dragged by your dog? Tripped over your dog? If you answered yes to any of these then this workshop is for you! 

Teaching your dog to walk nicely on a leash requires patience and commitment. It is a long process that involves redefining what it means to walk your dog. 

What is loose leash walking? 

Loose leash walking means that your dog is walking by your side and not pulling on the leash during your walk. 

Two-Day Workshop

This Two-Day workshop will give you the basic skills to begin walking nicely on a leash.

Learn the difference between loose leash and "Heel"

Learn about  proper tools and training equipment 

What is leash pressure and what does it mean to your dog?

Proper positioning 

Getting your dog to focus on you

Learn through lecture and training games 

THIS CLASS IS NOT SUITABLE FOR ANY DOG WITH LEASH AGGRESSION - If your dog displays any leash aggression please contact Renee for NON-DOG watching spots only. 

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