Day Training Program

This program offers individual training sessions while your pup attends daycare. It is the perfect blend of socializing, supervised play time and training while you are away. 

Individual Day Training

Recommended for Any Age

$35 per session with an initial 4 session minimum purchase

Single sessions can be purchased after first four training sessions are completed

$140 - Package of Four Day Training Sessions

Your pup will get several training sessions throughout their day at daycare allowing them to learn and play during their stay. 

Owner and trainer will create a training plan that best fits your needs. There are many basic training items that we will work on focusing on areas you feel need attention.


We will play interactive games that allow your pup to learn problem solving skills while getting plenty of mental stimulation.

Monitored group play time throughout the day to ensure your dog is learning proper manners while around other dogs.

Multiple training sessions throughout the day will not only reinforce the basic commands your dog has already learned he/she will advance in their ability and manners.

At the end of the day you will receive a report card and go over the skills learned with your trainer and dog so you can continue to practice at home. Please remember, we are giving your dog and you the tools to continue the training process and skills will need to be practiced. 

$200 - Package of Six Day Training Sessions (save $10)

$255 - Package of Eight Day Training Sessions (save $25)

Normal daycare or boarding charges apply  and are not included in training prices

Relationship building with distance



Stay with distance


Leave it/Drop it

Introduction to lose leash walking

Proper greetings (Sit to Greet)

Sitting politely for petting

Beginning stay

Walk on a leash

Proper play & socialization

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