Puppy Essentials Level 1

The Basics Building Your Foundation 

6 Week Class $175

Recommended for

4-8 Months of Age

This is a guideline-Please contact us for special circumstances 

Basic obedience classes now located under AKC Programs & Training  

We are here to get your puppy off to a great start. We help you teach your new addition to the family what is expected of him/her while building your bond. During our basic puppy class we will be playing fun training games as well as teaching proper manners to use in and around the house. 

The Puppy Essentials Level 1 will introduce your puppy to the following

Name Recognition

House/Crate Training

Look at Me


Leave it

Easy (Taking food gentle from your hand)

Sit & Down

Beginning stay

Walk on a leash

Greeting people politely 

Proper Play & Socialization

Building a Training Foundation 

Puppy essentials Level 2

Intermediate Puppy/Dog Training- Reinforcing your Foundation 

5 Week Class $175

Recommended for

5 months and up

May 18th 5:00 - 6:00 (Every Tuesday for 5 Weeks)

This class picks up where The Basic Puppy left off. We will build on your relationship with your dog while adding distractions and allowing distance between you and your K9. 

The Intermediate Dog will introduce your pup to the following

Relationship building with distance & Time

Reinforcing Place 


Stay with distance


Leave it/Drop it (Release)

Introduction to lose leash walking

Heel with automatic sit

Proper greetings (Sit to Greet)

Sitting politely for petting

Proper play & socialization