Dog & Cat


Steps to Attending Doggy Daycare/Boarding at

The Bark Club

1. Register online by clicking NEW CLIENT

You will need to upload vaccines at this time

We require

Bordetella-Distemper-Rabies-Canine Influenza-Negative Fecal Test

What if I am missing a vaccine or my fecal test?

2. Sign your liability agreement 

3. Set up your Meet & Greet

You can do this by waiting for the meet & greet availability email or calling the office

4. Attend your Meet & Greet

Meet & Greets are required and cannot be skipped



5. After you successfully pass the Meet & Greet you can create reservations to fit your schedule. 

Why Board at The Bark Club

Boarding allows your pet to play with other dogs while you are away ensuring that they come home happy and tired from a long day of fun. Although some dogs do not enjoy the company of other dogs we do accept dogs that prefer human interactions over dog interaction. 


Boarding can help in many ways

Help Alleviate Separation Anxiety

Help to Release Energy 

No Need for Strangers in Your Home

Great for Vacations, Emergencies, Entertaining Guests, Home Repairs and Moving

Dogs enjoy a change of scenery

Lot's of attention and bathroom breaks